Um, WHAT? 1 In 10 Couples Only Communicate Using Their Phones

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Dear lord.

Let us all have a moment of silence for face-to-face couples communication. The cause of death? Text messaging.

The Daily Mail reported on a study that found 1 in 10 couples only talk by phone or e-mail, sending 1,002 texts and 400 e-mails to each other each year, and utilizing social media networks to keep track of their partner.

Women send more texts than men — an average of two a day — while 12 percent admitted to sending six or more. For whatever reason couples communication becomes primarily electronic (increased workload, exhaustion), it limits one in five couples to 15 minutes of face-to-face communication a day.

But is electronic communication an adequate stand-in for talking in person? When it comes to texting or e-mails, mannerisms aren't translated the same and you certainly can't hold your partners hand while broaching a potentially difficult issue.

Of course, the "good morning beautiful" and "just got a minute at work, wanted to see how you're doing" texts are still adorable, but to have an entire relationship that way isn't. Eventually, it depersonalizes it.

Esure, the insurance company that conducted the survey, found that apart from sleep the average couple spends three hours and 45 minutes together during the week, but 51 of those minutes are spent in silence in front of the TV and 37 are spent carrying out chores.

We get it. We're all busy and often tired after long days at work, but it's so important to create space for quality, unplugged time with your partner. In fact, with time constraints, it leaves room for you to be more creative.

So, maybe meet for a quickie or take the afternoon off work to do something fun together while your energy is still high.