Scientology: A Kiss Of Death For Relationships?

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Does becoming a Scientologist all but assure a messy breakup?

Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss recently filed for divorce from her husband of less then a year, Saturday Night Live actor Fred Armisen. Nobody knows for sure why the two split, but it's rumored that Elisabeth, a Scientologist, was more interested in her religion then her marriage. 

A source appeared out of the woodwork and told the tabloids that Fred "could not get with" her avid devotion to the Church of Scientology and swiftly rebounded with 23-year-old SNL castmate Abby Elliot (oh, sigh, the cliche of a 43-year-old man nursing his ego). Of course it's entirely possible, as Rob Shuter at says, Armisen and his friends are feeding the tabloids stories in order to distract from his own questionable behavior in the marriage. Regardless, Scientology seems to pop up more and more as an added layer of dysfunction when a relationship crumbles in Hollywood. 

For example, take the most rabid of Scientologists, Tom Cruise. Tommy has been known to appear on morning talk shows foaming at the mouth, babbling about some of Scientology's wackier theories (death to psychiatry!). It's also no secret that he's forced each of his wives to convert. Nicole Kidman was Catholic before wedding Cruise, and her reservations with Scientology have been widely reported as a reason why the couple split after 10 years of marriage. While Tom Cruise's rep denies Scientology played any part, Kidman officially parted with the Church once she and Cruise called it a day.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes, often appearing like a wide-eyed deer in headlights, has been the subject of many a headlines claiming Scientology has "worn her down" due to the religion's often fanatical strictness including the organization's "disconnection" policy. "Disconnection" encourages members to completely cut out any friend or family member who has reservations about the religion.

As we've reported in the past, religion can bring couples closer together or tear them apart. Even more so than a difference of religious tradition, rifts seem to arise when "faith" holds different positions on partners' priority lists. Soul Mates: 10 Steps To A Spiritual Relationship

Perhaps actor and known Scientologist Jason Lee's ex-wife, Carmen Llewellyn, put it most succinctly when she told The National Enquirer that she joined the Church when she married Lee in 1995 and ran screaming when the relationship dissolved in 2002. She "foolishly allowed it to take root in me" and says Scientology was practically relationship suicide for Kidman and Cruise. 

"At the time, the word went around all the Scientologists that 'Nicole is an S.P. so Tom has to divorce her.' An S.P. is a Suppressive Person, which is CoS jargon for the devil."

So, was Fred Armisen a Suppressive Person? Did Elisabeth have to "disconnect" in order to maintain her loyalty to the Church? 

Have you ended a relationship because of mismatched religious beliefs? Tell us about it below.

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