Tony Blair Explains Why Bill Clinton Cheated


In his new memoir, the former British Prime Minister tries to justify the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Did you guys hear this one? Tony Blair is sticking up for his political pal, Bill Clinton in his new memoir, A Journey, attempting to justify the former President's infidelity. Blair, who calls Clinton "a great guy, a good president, and above all a friend," doesn't just praise Clinton's political prowess but dives into his juicy personal life as well, offering his take on what prompted good old, Bill to have that infamous affair with Miss Monica Lewinsky8 Most Scandalous Work Affairs

In the memoir, Blair cites Clinton's "endless ability for rapport with ordinary people...and to be fascinated even by the most unfascinating people because he was always willing to learn from them," as his greatest strength as a politician. But get this: To explain perhaps, his greatest political weakness, aka his inability to keep his pants zipped, Blair postulates that the Clinton-Lewinsky affair may have sprung from Mr. Clinton's "inordinate interest in and curiosity about people."

Apparently, Tony Blair thinks there's nothing wrong with a married politician having "sexual relations" with another woman, as long as it's in an attempt to satisfy his curiosity and better understand his constituents, of course. (You think John Edwards and Mark Sanford are kicking themselves for not thinking of that explanation earlier?) 4 Political Summer Sex Scandals We'll Never Forget

Well, Mr. Blair, we just have one thing to say to you: Curiosity killed the cat!

Photo via Splash News.