Lady Gaga's Ex-Boyfriend Breaks Her Heart... Again

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Lüc Carl has been two-timing Lady Gaga.

Surprise, surprise, some might say, with an eye roll and fingerpoint to the umlaut in his name. (Let it be noted that he is from Nebraska.)

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," the saying goes.

Douchebag. Heartbreaker. Bad Romancer. Bad, bad man. But she should have seen this coming, right? Others did.

Of course it's never as simple for a girl in love, who never got over him in the first place.

"I've really never loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him ... that relationship really shaped me ... I sort of resolved that if you can't have the guy of your dreams, there are other ways to give love," she said to Rolling Stone once. "I wouldn't have been as successful without him."

Poor girl. Somehow she just god sucked back into his starving-artist-in-spandex ways.

According to Grazia magazine, the couple had just got back from a romantic holiday in Texas, when Gaga found out that Carl was still seeing his girlfriend.

A friend close to the star told the magazine: 'She's only just got back together with Luc and now she's frightened she's going to lose him again because she simply can't trust him. She's also upset because this seems to make her the "other woman".'

Gaga, 24, and 32-year-old bar owner Luc, were snapped kissing and larking about in a hotel pool in Houston, Texas at the end of last month. The couple first dated five years ago before she shot to fame, but split over her then drug habit. But other reports suggested that he was unfaithful to her so she had a fling with her manager Rob Fusari before heading to Los Angeles to make it big. [Source: NYDailyNews]

And make it big she did. Besides Gaga's fear that Lüc is just using her for "fame and money," which obviously most of us can't relate to, the rest of her heart ache sounds so, so familiar.

According to a friend, "Gaga has built this whole career and she had to prove she could do it. But in her personal life she feels like a fool because she still can't make the man she loves love her and only her."

That now "it's a matter of self-respect now and she may have to end it because she's just not high enough on his list of priorities."

Oh, Gaga—we know the feeling!

At least now Lady Gaga can put her creative vagina to good use: in the record studio.

The last time these two broke up five years ago, the world got You and I, Boys, Boys, Boys, and The Fame.

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