Inception And Love: Dreaming About Your Ex

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We admit that Inception really made us use our thinking caps. We left the theater with a number of burning questions: What is real, how is Joseph Gordon-Levitt so gosh darn adorable, and most importantly... what does it mean when you dream about an ex? 

Luckily, not all of us have exes that come barreling into our dreams with guns blazing like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Inception does. But for most of us, past loves leave quite the mark on our subconscious. In some form or another, they are all lurking in the depths of our minds. Sometimes they bubble up in the form of dreams. That's how the mind—and the heart heals. 

These dreams can be unnerving, but they are completely normal.

It's important to remember that having a dream about an ex doesn't mean you're meant to be or that your lost love has planted an idea in your mind via inception. It could be a reflection of your wish that you will get back together one day,  or because you're experiencing emotions in your life that remind you of how you felt in that relationship. And then, of course, it could mean nothing at all—your ex is just another actor in your mind's limited cast. How To Stay Friends With An Ex And Still Move On

Don't forget, that unless you are Harry Potter, dreams about your ex are not prophecies.

If your subconscious is faring better than DiCaprio's Dom Cobb, dreams about your ex might be positive. If you wake up from a dream about an ex feeling calm and relieved this is likely a symbol that you've found closure. As time passes after your breakup, your dreams will feature less crying, screaming and Facebook stalking, and your ex will begin to take on more symbolic roles in your dreams. For instance if your ex-husband was a doctor, he might show up as a healing force in some form. Or if an ex-girlfriend was a teacher, her appearance in a dream could symbolize a learning experience. 5 Tips to Move On From a Painful Breakup

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At one time or another, everyone dreams about an ex. All that means is that at one time they played a decent-sized role in who you were. That doesn't go away overnight.