What Women Want Is Not A Question; It's An App

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The iPhone—as some AT&T carries would say—is the holy grail of telecommunication. In 2007, TIME magazine crowned it the "Invention of the Year," and, in case you missed it, the author had this to say:

It's a genuine handheld, walk-around computer, the first device that really deserves the name. One of the big trends of 2007 was the idea that computing doesn't belong just in cyberspace, it needs to happen here, in the real world, where actual stuff happens. The iPhone gets applications like Google Maps out onto the street, where we really need them.

Ah, applications. Even if we don't own an iPhone, we know all about these digital treasures. They're games, recipes, custom work-outs and, now, an answer to the age old question: what do women want? 10 Simple Things Women Want

"What Women Want" is an application that features "an automatic calucation of a woman's 'average menstrual cycle,'" tarot cards, an obesity checker, reminders for men to give their lovers a gift, "various functions of what women want directly" and more.

According to a recent iTunes app store search, this clever application was among the top 50 downloads (it's since been replaced by the likes of DashboardAquarium and TeaTimer... yawn.) 

What a relief it must be for men to ditch Hollywood's idea that in order to truly understand a woman, you need to dress like one. (Ironically, Mel Gibson played the lead in the film What Women Want, and nowadays he brings forth nothing a woman wants.) Mel Gibson Accused Of Murder/Suicide Plot

On the other hand, isn't it a little unsettling to see that a cell phone can be so attuned to our reproductive organs? And is chivalry really dead, as it's so frequently rumored to be, that boyfriends and husbands need electronic reminders to appreciate us every now and then? How Do You Define Chivalry?

Readers, what do you think of the application? Would you download it?

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