Linda Hogan Robs The Cradle

Linda Hogan Charlie Hill engaged

Ex-Mrs. Hulkster plans to marry her son's friend.

Linda Hogan, the ex-wife of '80s wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, is engaged to marry her son's 21-year-old friend. Linda, who will be 51 next month, and Charlie Hill, a former high school classmate of both of Linda's kids with Hulkster, have been dating for two years. The happy couple is registered at both Game Stop and The Scooter Store.

As our friends over at Celebitchy point out, both Hulk and Linda reacted to the breakup of their 24-year marriage by dating extremely inappropriate people—Linda fled her Hulk for Charlie, who was 19 at the time, and Hulk began dating one of daughter Brooke's friends. He's now engaged to a lady who looks so much like his daughter that it is truly unsettling. Brooke Hogan Embarrassed By Parents

The National Enquirer reports that Linda and Charlie plan to get married next summer aboard Linda's yacht, which is tastefully named "Alimoney." Blogs speculated earlier this summer that Linda and Charlie had already gotten hitched, since they appeared to be wearing wedding rings, but the blessed event has apparently not happened yet. Which is good, because we are dying to know what Brooke thinks. In 2008 she told E! that her mother's relationship with Charlie freaked her out, and last year she said about Charlie, "He is a loser. I don't have a problem with age; it's more about character. Her love is not real and not right." Hulk Hogan Wants His Toilet Seat Back From His Ex

It's a rare and weird day when we agree with Brooke Hogan. We're certainly not going to start asking her what we should wear to our friend's backyard cookout tomorrow, but on this, the Brookester has a point. Her parents are, well, kind of insane and it's getting scary. You've heard the expression "mutton dressed as lamb," right? Well, Linda Hogan and her pretty pink hair bow have pole-vaulted over that particular barrier and are now marrying the baby sheep. Somewhere, Ashton Kutcher is like, "Really? Eeesh."

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.