Love Bytes: A Year Without Sex

Hearts on Keyboard

Plus, how to go burlesque and ways to blow off your date.

Love Bytes: 15 must-click love and relationship links. 

Here's another way to tell whether or not you're pregnant, if your pheromones begin to smell like Play-Doh. [Café Mom]

Hephzibah Anderson went a year without sex and learned that being a "liberated" woman involves knowing exactly what you want from both relationships and intercourse. [TrésSugar]

While the Internet is 4.2 percent sports and 9 percent shopping, it is nearly 40 percent pornography. [Asylum]

"Friends with benefits" may be a tempting arrangement, but one blogger says that real friends should "share secrets, not fluids." [College Candy]

An experienced ob/gyn offers advice on how to have good sex sans vaginal tearing and bleeding. [Em and Lo]

This may be a tougher question to answer than it at first seems: Would you pick your man over man's best friend? [Yahoo! Shine]

Believe it or not, being too in touch with your partner's feelings and emotions can ruin a relationship. [Huffington Post]

Channel your inner Dita Von Teese, replete with feathers, crystals and pasties, with these 10 helpful tips. [Glo]

One blogger dissects the reasoning behind Al Gore's highly publicized sexual request of a massage therapist. [Double X]

While there may be a countless number of ways for guys to blow a date off, these top 7 will really get your blood boiling. [Guyism]

After 13 years of marriage, Kelsey Grammer's third wife, Camille Dontacci, filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences." [Pop Eater]

Texting may be an easy way to get in touch with your crush, but what are the boundaries of texting in a relationship? [Crushable]

Terms like "eating out" and "boner" can make sex embarrassing. Thankfully, here are some more-than-appropriate substitutes. [Glamour]

Some women complain about hearing their biological clock ticking away like crazy all seconds of the day, but is it possible for this clock to be broken? [The Frisky]

How to handle friends' PDA (of the make-out, not Blackberry variety). [The Gloss]