Could Kate Gosselin Be The Next Bachelorette?

Could Kate Gosselin be the next Bachelorette?

Ryan Seacrest thinks Kate Gosselin would make a great Bachelorette; show's creator not so sure.

Now that Kate Gosselin is no longer a dancing—er, robotically walking—star on ABC, there has been some talk about putting her on another of the network's successful shows: The Bachelorette. According to E! Online, the rumors began when Kate was making the talk show rounds recently, and both Jimmy Kimmel and Kelly Ripa suggested that she would make a great Bachelorette. Although Kate told both hosts that she wasn't interested in doing the show, we have a feeling that if the money was right (and if there were 10+ men who actually were willing to court her), she would get interested P.D.F. How To Date Like The Bachelorette

An ABC rep denied all rumors, saying that Kate is already busy working on two reality shows, and that they have no plans to develop a dating show for the single mom of eight.

However, soon after the denial, Ryan Seacrest fanned the gossip flames on his radio show with guest Chris Harrison, host of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Chris confirmed that Kate has never been approached to do the show but added, "She’s a lovely woman, as nice as can be. It would be a great show. What guy would have what it takes to just even walk in the door and say, 'Yeah, I’m gonna give this a shot'?"

Ryan then called up series creator Mike Fleiss, who wasn't as enthusiastic about the possibility, saying: "It’s kind of interesting. I never thought about it." He was also concerned that someone with Kate's tabloid appeal and reputation (quite the opposite of "nice as can be") could cause his show to "jump the shark."

We have to agree with Entertainment Weekly's assessment: Kate as the Bachelorette would be too much for even the biggest trash TV fans among us. So far it seems like the only person who really wants to make this happen is Ryan Seacrest—and don't ever underestimate the power of that magical little elf. Ryan's one of the hardest working guys in the entertainment industry, and we don't doubt that he knows exactly what strings to pull to put Kate in any puppet show he wants. Kate Gosselin Is 'Ready To Date,' But Who?

Scoop via EW's PopWatch. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.