Community: 6 Ways To Be An Amazing Boyfriend

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Men look at women like they are an enigma, but women are not difficult to understand. Women just want honesty and attention. I don't think that's so difficult to shell out, but for those that need more guidance, below is a list of what makes an amazing boyfriend.

1. Listen

Women love attention. They like to feel like they are the only ones. Why do you think we spend so much on shoes, clothes, and makeup? We like to be unique and when you focus your attention on us, we'll forever adore you.

2. Surprise

Women love presents especially unexpected ones. A present can be dinner, jewelry, or her favorite chocolate cake. Just something that she loves or will make her feel special. Surprises mean I'm always thinking of you and we like to be thought of.

3. Dedicate time

Sometimes men get caught up with hanging with the boys, work, or life and they forget that they have a special someone. That special someone needs attention too and spending time together fosters the relationship and deepens the connection. You need to maintain your score within a relationship as much as on the XBox.

4. Commitment

Don't play games. If you're in it, you're in it, if not then get out. Don't play games. If you commit, then commit whole heartedly because it's not fair to you nor her to create a faux relationship. Be real about what you want and if you enter a relationship then make sure you give your 1000% (yes, 1000%; that's not a typo).

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