Kelsey Grammer Is Already Engaged To His New Girlfriend

Kelsey Grammer

Grammer proposes to Kayte Walsh before his divorce from his ex, Camille Donatacci, is even official.

Man, Kelsey Grammer sure moves fast when it comes to his relationships. Grammer's mouthpiece (and Hollywood's go-to PR man), Stan Rosenfield confirmed to that the former Frasier star has put a ring (or should we say rock?) on his new girlfriend Kayte Walsh's finger—already. We say already, because his divorce from his ex, Camille Donatacci—who's sure making a name for herself on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (in case you haven't been watching the train wreck)—isn't even official yet.

“They are engaged. They never really announced it, they are very happy and very much in love,” Rosenfield told RadarOnline, after Walsh was seen sporting a ginormous rock on that special finger and an equally ginormous smile on her face. (We wouldn't be able to stop smiling either if someone put that kind of bling on our finger.)

But anyway…back to our point. Now, we know that Kelsey, 55, isn't one to stay single for long. After all, if the two make it to the altar, Kayte (who's just 29) will be his fourth wife. But at the rate Kelsey is moving with this one, we're wondering if he's perhaps suffering from a mid-life crisis of sorts? Not that we blame him for his split from Camille. Judging by her shenanigans on Real Housewives and absurd comments (about needing an entourage of nannys just to raise her kids, and don't get us started on the way she botches just about every word in the dictionary), we're not sure how he ever lived with the woman for as long as he did (a whopping fourteen years, folks!)

So considering how seemingly crazy his ex-wife turned out to be, (although no offense to Camille, because we love watching her on the show,) as well as his three failed marriages, you'd think the man would slow things down and take some time to reflect and maybe even try the single life for awhile. But no, not Kelsey. He started dating Kayte, a flight attendant he met while—yep, you guessed it!—flying and while still technically married to Camille.

Or, maybe it was a way to cheer Kayte up after the couple's recent sad news. As you may recall, shortly after the two started dating, Kayte and Kelsey announced they were expecting their first child (together that is, as Kelsey already has two young children with Camille and two older kids from previous relationships.) Unfortunately, not long after the couple made the happy announcement, Kayte suffered a miscarriage.

Admittedly, at the time Kelsey and Kayte announced the baby news, we cynically thought Kelsey might marry Kayte just because of the baby. But now we gotta say, it looks like maybe it's the real deal, and this couple is ready to move on from their loss—together.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin