25 Celebrity Love Predictions For 2011

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis

What do the stars have in store for celebs in 2011?

2010 brought us plenty of odd celebrity pairings (Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent), the occasional true love fest (Nicole Richie and Joel Madden), and tons of on-again-off-again scandals (insert man here, The Kardashians). Thanks to the relationship astrologers at Moonit.com, who analyze the romantic potential of celebrity couples, we now have a preview of all the surprising star successes and potential celeb dramas awaiting us in 2011. Love Trends in 2011: Our Top 10 Predictions


1. George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis 5/6/61 & 9/12/78 As they say in Italy, "la vita è bella." George might want to keep Elisabetta around because the two of them have a real gusto for life when spending it with one another. There's a ton of potential to not only play well but also work well together, and they're a positive influence on each other. The verdict? Elisabetta may be the one to tame this wild beast of a bachelor. More on Moonit: Why George Should Keep Elisabetta Around Keep reading... More Juicy Content From YourTango: