Spring Refresher Tips for Love

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The signs of spring are near and for most people it means cleaning the house, planting flowers, and just being outdoors more often.  Spring symbolizes rebirth and the chance to refresh yourself for the start of something new.  This is best demonstrated in the area of dating when the sun starts peeking through the clouds during the seasonal transition and we begin smiling more, talking more and meeting new people.We asked some single men and women what dating in the spring means to them and how they would gear up for the season.  Ken, an active man in his 60’s, put it simply, “Dating in the spring is like the opening day of baseball, it’s a whole new year.”  With that in mind, if you’re ready to refresh you’re dating experience and want to score a home run with the person of your dreams, take some tips from the All-American Pastime and you’re your best game forward.

Spring Training: Before you get out there again and put yourself back in the dating scene, spring train by doing some role-playing in front of a mirror.  It may sound silly but having a conversation with yourself and watching your body language when you speak can give you telltale signs that you may need to improve.  Natalie, a high school guidance counselor found that she had a habit of rolling her eyes when she spoke, something she thought would come across negatively as if she didn’t care.  Thankfully, she discovered this habit while preparing herself for a date.  Watch for small behaviors to make sure you don’t strike out when you take your first swing.

Profile Face-lift:  If you’re dating online, give your stale profile a boost by opting for a face-lift.  Add some new photos, new language, and a new title if you feel that yours isn’t working or is outdated.  Be careful not to change things so drastically that you end up with requests from men you had initially cancelled out.  Also, make sure that what you change is an improvement to the last version; otherwise, you could find yourself left sitting on the bench.

Fresh Air:
Find activities that you can do outside.  If you have a neighborhood park, visit it to take a stroll.  Put your pet on a leash and take a walk or find an outside coffee shop where you can have some java while reading a favorite book.  Except for the internet, most people don’t meet others by sitting inside.  Spring breeds outdoor activities.  Rich met his wife, Emma when he was 55 and it all happened just by being a familiar face on the walking trail.  Don’t stay in the infield this season.

Unlike any other spectator sport, the reason Ken’s baseball analogy works is that it transcends gender, race and religion.  This old time activity brings people together.  Whether it’s those who enjoy the pleasure of a hot dog at the concession stand or hearing the crowd sing, “Take me out to the ball game.”  Singles can learn from this experience by watching the reactions of others and seeing how they enjoy this simple sport.

Lori Bizzoco is a writer, blogger and journalist living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is working on a memoir detailing how she found love in less than a year.  For more dating advice, follow her on twitter at www.twitter.com/loribizz or check out her website at www.loribizz.com