Single and Living with HIV! Should everyone know your STATUS?

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Are there different dating requirements for people who are diagnosed with HIV and still dating?

On December 2, executive producer and host Roland Hinds  broached dating and HIV on TruVue Relationship Radio during AIDS Awareness month. This year the focus was on the 3rd annual "It's About The Positive" HIV/AIDS show to determine whether people diagnosed with HIV should divulge their status to people they date.

As a single male on the market, I thought to myself how would I feel if I was courting a woman who opted not to tell me about her HIV status? This led me to ask myself a plethora of questions about dating an individual in today's world. Initially I asked myself, what kind of questions do I get as a male from women?

1. Have I ever been on the down low?

2. How long and why am I single?

3. Have I ever used drugs?

Great questions! The only problem is not all people diagnosed with HIV may have contracted the virus through drug use or homosexual activity. Ironically here is what I have uncovered, I have found a great deal of hemophiliacs acquired HIV from bad blood transfusions during the 80's at a young age. Like anyone else, many of these infected people are now at an age and interested in finding love. So, are there standards? Perhaps the questions to consider are:

1. Should someone be obligated to tell everyone s/he dates about their status?

2. When is the appropriate time for an infected person to share information with someone who may be equally interested in dating?

3. How are people diagnosed with HIV expected to date? Are infected people expected to date only people who are infected with HIV?

Author of "Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?" Roland Hinds states, "He does not think everyone should have to divulge their status, unless the relationship is moving in a serious direction. Initially the feelings of deception did enter my mind and not the persons privacy." Hinds says, "I will pose those questions to my guest, Activist Noelle Sewell to share her views about what is going on in the community." 


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