Love Bytes: Two-Night Stands


Why men these days wanna hook up more than once, plus faking engagement and World AIDS Day

TWENTY Must-Click Links for the start of December 2010! Relationship advice, sex talk, trends, news, interesting stuff, really funny stuff... Enjoy!

Brittny Drye of CafeMom discusses this apparently new "trend" in which guys request a second night after a one-night stand—hence a "two-night stand." Find out why. [CafeMom

It's true! Men fake orgasms as well... [The Frisky]

Celebs have been sayin' a lot about love this year—were you listening? [TresSugar]

Emily McCombs of Asylum is back at it again with "A Woman's Perspective on...", this time tackling one woman's question regarding when it's OK for a man to text "unsolicited" pictures of his "twig and berries". [Asylum]

We all get burnt out on being a "good friend" sometimes, but here are 5 easy ways to be one. [CollegeCandy]

Christine Arylo of Divine Caroline dissects break-ups—the thinking behind them and when to go about them in relationships. [Divine Caroline]

"Have you ever found yourself drawn to men who are completely wrong for you over and over again?" [lemondrop]

For the self-conscious women out there, have you ever had a boyfriend who insisted that you were the most beautiful thing in the world to him, and yet you tell him he's full of it (thereby driving him NUTS!!!) 'cus you're sooo ridiculously self-conscious? [Em & Lo]

7 steps to dealing constructively with fear. [Huffington Post Living]

"When Walter C May's girlfriend moved across the country for graduate school, the two agreed to do the whole long-distance relationship thing. And to prove to her that they could still feel close even though they were far apart, he enlisted his band-mates to create a ridiculously cool music video for a song he wrote just for her." [Glamour]

Glo goes over some "red flags" for women to look for on the rough waters we call "relationships." [Glo]

Brilliant idea! This writer, Claire Trageser, was tired of "getting hit on" at work, and so she faked her engagement in order to discourage these hopeless guys... from being hopeful. [Marie Claire]

Cosmopolitan rounds up a list of things married women have never admitted to their husbands... [Cosmopolitan]

For those of you who don't know, a boring marriage doesn't necessarily amount to a failed relationship. [Double X]

Straight men find girl-on-girl action hot, right? Just know, ladies, that this is true for most—so long as their own girlfriends aren't participating in it. According to this Guyism post, a poll has determined that a third of men would dump their girlfriends over a girl-on-girl kiss. [Guyism]

According to some university study, men are more prone to to heartbreak than are women (...doesn't surprise me). [Aol Health]

"Funky tasting spunk"? What your guy eats might be influencing how he tastes down there. [The Gloss]

Kristen McGuiness, author of 51/50, writes for Betty Confidential about picking the brain of a notorious womanizer—and learning some interesting things that could actually be applied to the search for love... [Betty Confidential

5 ideas for dates with friends that don't involve excessive spending or eating [Reader's Digest]

And finally...

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death and disease in women ages 15 to 44 worldwide, according to The American Foundation for AIDS Research. Today more women ages 15 and up are living with HIV/AIDS than ever before. One of those women is Hydeia Broadbent, who was diagnosed with AIDS at age 3 and given three years to live. You might remember seeing her on Oprah back in the day. Today, she's a thriving 26-year-old motivational speaker. In honor of World AIDS Day, we talked to her about sexuality, her plans for the future and how we (yes, we!) can help fight AIDS.

Read the interview here: http://canigetamanwiththat.compost/2060276024/hydeia-broadbent-26-living-with-aids.