Jesse James Hopes Marriage Will Somehow Survive

Jesse James wants Sandra Bullock Back

We can safely say that Jesse James' excessively tattooed indiscretions have been reported on and rehashed ad nauseam (ad vomitio, for those of us with weaker stomachs). The Jesse James Saga Never Ends

Understandably, today's statement from James' lawyer, Joe Yanny, pleading with the public to pity the "broken man" who is "still in love with Bullock and hopes the marriage can be saved" can trigger a gag reflex from readers.

Says Yanny:

This whole thing has destroyed Jesse's entire universe. Right now, he's a broken man... [who is still] in love with Sandra. The single most important thing to Mr. James and the children is that the marriage somehow survive." [Source: Yahoo]

That's some special kind of love that allows you to cheat on your new wife after only a few weeks of marriage, right? And we're more than a little skeptical of the fabulous new quick-fix trend for celebs claiming sex addiction: checking into rehab, right? And then there's the matter of the number of mistresses James accrued during their nearly five-year marriage. (We're up to seven, supposedly, but hey—the sky's the limit! I'm looking at you, Tiger!) There's no way this lying, cheating man could actually love his wife, right? Having Sex Vs. Making Love

Ah, if only life were so simple. Here's a Bombshell revelation: Love and sex are not the same thing. They are often found in tandem, but sex is likely found alone more frequently: strewn across the floor of a cheap hotel room, in the back seat of a car, in an empty office on a night you "had to stay late at work," or in a back room of a tattoo parlor.

We're not defending what James did, or calling Bullock a shrew for choosing to divorce him. We're just saying that despite all of the cheating, he might in fact love her and feel like losing his marriage would be the end of his world. Bullock may feel too hurt and betrayed for the relationship to be salvaged (and understandably so), but she shouldn't feel like the whole thing was a lie—that she was hoodwinked by this man and is now exposed for the fool she is to have ever believed that he loved her. This CelebLover speaks from experience when I say that that feeling can be the worst part of a betrayal, and it's often just not true. People cheat, often, and for all kinds of reasons. And yes, they cheat on partners that they love. Female Vs Male Brain: Is There A Difference?

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All of that said, we're still entitled to our gag reflex when it comes to James' taste in mistresses. Jesse James Cheated On Sandra Bullock With This