Jennifer Jason Leigh Files For Divorce From Noah Baumbach

Jennifer Jason Leigh Noah Baumbach

Only months after having a baby, the actress wants out of her marriage. Was there cheating involved?

Is divorce the new black? It seems like almost everyone in Hollywood is either in the middle of a messy breakup (Eva Longoria) or recuperating from one (Christina Aguilera) or is probably just a few short years away from one because they thought they didn't need a pre-nup (sorry, Katy Perry), and now Jennifer Jason Leigh and her husband of 5 years, director Noah Baumbach, have decided to jump on the trend.

According to the Daily Mail, the 48-year-old actress filed papers to divorce Noah this week, just 7 short months after giving birth to their first child, Rohmer.

Sadly, the couple, who first met in 2001 when they worked together on Broadway, seemed like they were both personally and professionally a match and had even recently collaborated again, co-writing the Ben Stiller movie Greenberg. 6 Celebrity Couples Who Work(ed) Together

And although no reason was given for their breakup (other than the standard "irreconcilable differences"), we can't help but wonder, given the rash of infidelity that has made its way around Hollywood, if this is another celebrity marriage that has ended because one partner cheated on the other?

We hope not, but given how especially fragile actress-director relationships seem to be (See Winslet-Mendes and Weisz-Aronofsky), we wouldn't be surprised.

Photo Credit: INF