Usher & Justin Bieber: Behind the Bromance

Usher and Justin Bieber

Despite their age difference, Usher and Justin "understand each other on a instinctual level."

For those of you who watched the American Music Awards on Sunday, you witnessed a truly special Papa Bear/Baby Bear moment. Mentor Usher and mentee Justin Bieber were darling in matching black leather get-ups, and when Bieber took home four–count ‘em! FOUR!–AMA awards, Usher flat-out broke down and cried happy tears.

Quoth the ecstatic Usher, "The B man! To see Justin, having have received that award [Artist of the Year] before, it was like an out of body experience…he’s ultimately talented and I [knew I would] love to be apart of what he is to become and it is what it is." Aw. We’ll just call them pop-R&B-singers-from-another-mother, and be done with it. After all this gushing, will these two musical peas continue to share the love? Moonit wants to know.

According to their birth dates, Usher (born on October 14, 1978) and Justin (born on March 1, 1994) are as thick as thieves on the bromance front. Their friendship output says that, "we’re kind of reminded of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of X-Files fame–that is, without the intense sexual tension getting in the way." Despite their decade-and-a-half age difference, Usher and Justin "understand each other on a deeply instinctual level."

The relationship eggs Justin on to "articulate his hopes and fears, no matter how nuts they are," because he knows Usher will "get what he means and not call him out on being crazy." When these two communicate with each other, they’re "great at conveying exactly what’s in their heart of hearts, and they can dole out the occasional piece of tough love without stomping on each other’s feelings." Since they both know "they’re not the type to overreact or get their feathers ruffled easily, it makes it that much easier for these guys to stick to a policy of truth."

On the professional front, there are a few things to watch out for. Usher can be a "tad bit judgmental and stern sometimes," while Justin’s got "a strong need for approval that comes into play when he’s dealing with even his closest co-workers and colleagues." It’s important for Usher to recognize Justin’s "contributions, give him props for the good work he’s doing, and be a bit more tactful when dishing out the constructive criticism."

Fortunately for the fans, it sounds like we’re in for some more chart-topping albums from these two; "Usher’s high expectations make it so that Justin always feels the need to prove himself," even if it’s "the twentieth project they’re collaborating on!" Hey, RIAA guys? Maybe you should come up with a bigger sales award. These guys are about to break the bank.

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