Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Baby Daddy Drama


Kourtney gives birth—on-camera! But can fatherhood make baby-daddy Scott Disick grow up?

Those Kardashians know how to make an exit…and an entrance! On the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's season finale, Kourtney Kardashian gave birth—very much on-camera—to son Mason Dash Disick. But how did baby-daddy Scott Disick react?

The birth was amazingly peaceful, much more so than Kourtney and Scott's relationship. Scott acted the drunken fool in Vegas on the previous episode, embarrassing the Kardashian clan (no small feat) so much so that Kourtney changed the locks and cut him out of her life.

The season finale found him apologizing profusely.

Despite her mother's strong objections, Kourtney takes Scott back, saying she has to think of her baby. She also says she's going to be a mom, and doesn't want to act like his mom. (Kourtney is 30, Scott is 26). Then they bone, thankfully off-camera. Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex?

Then Kourtney goes into labor! It was refreshing and beautiful to see a real woman experience labor in a real way. She was calm, collected (good drugs?), and even took a shower and did her makeup before going to the hospital.

Then she gives birth, surrounded by the female members of her family and Scott, who seems quite happy to be manning a camera. Amazingly, as Mason enters the world, the doctor asks Kourtney if she wants to touch him—and she pulls her own baby out of her body. True Tales of Sex After Kids

It's odd to find such real emotion and joyous reality in a "reality" TV show, but what a hopeful moment: birth doesn't have to mean we all lose our minds, ala the movies. We can be empowered, focused, and full of love (and/or drugs).

Witnessing his son's birth seems to have changed Scott, for the moment. But rumors of a break-up persist. Do you think he'll stay the loyal, reformed dad and boyfriend, or will he continue to be one of the smarmiest, preppiest villains in reality TV?

Readers, has fatherhood (or the promise of it?) changed any of the men in your lives…and was it for better or for worse?