Top 10 Gay Dating Tips

Top 10 Gay Dating Tips

1. Always trust your gut.
If something doesn’t feel right than it probably isn’t. Chances are passing up
one date won’t lose you Mr. Right, but going out with Mr. Wrong can lead to
many more complications than just being a bit lonely.

2. Buyer beware. If
someone’s profile sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Set expectations
relatively low and you may be pleasantly surprised but never disappointed.

3. Go with your head, not with your
Sex sells. However, unless you’re only looking for a very
there needs to be some substance to go along with the
chemical flash you feel.

4. Taking chances always has
Don’t downplay or underestimate the gamble you’re
taking meeting a complete stranger and be careful.

5. Safe sex has to be the only
“Bareback” sex has become more prevalent lately. It’s
your choice in the end. Don’t confuse more people willing to risk their health
with any decrease in new cases of disease. HIV is alive and well and no one is
really safe if he is only safe part of the time. Accurate test results can take
six months to achieve so even regularly tested high-risk sex partners cannot
really be sure of their HIV status.

6. Be yourself and rejection will
actually be easier to handle.
If you’re open from the start
you’ll meet genuine people in return. Lie and you attract liars. You’ll also
never know if the relationship wasn’t meant to be or if
maybe the guy just saw through your act.

7. Don’t settle for someone less than
the best.
Sometimes when you’ve been single for a while it’s
tempting to lower one’s standards. It will never bring you happiness. People
often sense when we’re settling and will reject before being rejected. Nothing
feels worse than being dumped by the guy that we never completely wanted in the
first place.

8. You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs
before you find Prince Charming.
Don’t get discouraged if you
have a string of bad dates. If it were easy to meet the right person than there
wouldn’t be so many dating sites, bars and blind dates out there. Most folks
aren’t lucky in love. Having a lot of boyfriends still means someone didn’t
meet the “one.”

9. Be straight (no pun intended) about
what you want.
If you want a long-term relationship then
turning up the heat in every conversation and meeting in a hotel room might not
bring you what you want. If you’re not looking for love then casual encounters
will remain relaxed if you don’t mislead potential partners into believing
there’s a chance for more.

10. Finally, maybe it’s not them it’s
If you feel like you’re not attracting the people you want
then maybe you need to improve yourself first. Either accept who you are and
accept that you’ll attract similar people or change yourself for the better.


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