Tony Romo To Marry Chace Crawford's Sister?

tony romo

Is the Cowboys' quarterback ready to make it official with Ms. Candice Crawford.

As you very likely know, the Super Bowl this year did not feature the Dallas Cowboys. "God's Team" has been on the shelf since a January 17, 2010 shellacking by the Minnesota Vikings. In other words, Mr. Tony Romo has had plenty of time on his hands.

Per The Hollywood Gossip, Tony Romo has used his time-off to escalate things with Candice Crawford (he also threw a rally-killing interception for touchdown in the thrilling Pro Bowl). As you likely know, Candice Crawford is the younger sister of Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford (not that we watch that show). The couple dated in 2009 and appears not to have really ever split. Perhaps Romo chose to focus on getting the 'Boys deeper into the playoffs (that is not a euphemism), but an "insider" says that the quarterback and Missouri's 2008 Miss USA representative (that's Crawford) may be an eyelash away from betrothal.

The “insider" says, "Tony's ready to make the next step." Sometimes we think a ménage-a-trois is the next step but clearly they're talking about an engagement. Even if you have "Tony Romo" on your Google Alert (which some of us do, for prurient reasons), this Candice Crawford business has sort of come out of left field. Perhaps Candice Crawford isn't quite a big enough star for the gossipmongers to care, but it's more likely that Tony Romo has decided to intentionally stay out of the spotlight, something that he didn't really do with pop star / reality star / all-around sweetheart Jessica Simpson and country star Carrie Underwood. Read: Carrie Underwood Is So Totally Over Tony Romo

Speaking of Carrie Underwood, wouldn't it be sort of weird to have a brother-in-law whom you both dated the same girl? You'd think that at least once Tony Romo and Chace Crawford would get drunk and compare notes. The whole thing would probably end with Chace Crawford saying, "You do not even thing of doing that thing that Carrie really liked with my sister, you bastard."

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