6 Non-Restaurant Valentine's Day Ideas

valentine's day dinner alternatives

Need a Valentine's Day celebration idea? Try one of these non-dinner options.

The classic Valentine's Day celebration is a romantic dinner, but that can be hard to pull off. First of all, restaurants are super crowded and it's hard to get reservations; many of them have prix fixe menus that limit your dining choices and the prix might be more than you want to pay. You can make dinner at home, sure, and candles and an elaborate menu ensure that it's different from any old home-cooked meal. If the idea of dinner just isn’t doing it for you but you still want to acknowledge the holiday, try out one of these alternatives.

1. Cooking Class. Always wanted to make homemade pizza, but never figured out how to create the perfect crust? Intrigued by lasagna but never made one you like? Take a cooking class together. You'll learn something new and have a delicious meal. Plus, you'll be able to put your new skills to use at home. Cheap Date Idea: Cook From Scratch (You Can Do It)

2. Private Chef. Maybe you want to eat at home but don't want to do any of the work. Consider hiring a private chef for the evening. Give him a menu in advance and then sit back and wait for the feast to begin.

3. Wine Tasting. Check with specialty wine stores in your area; some hold special wine-tastings where they pair chocolate or other indulgences with their favorite bottles. Red Wine Linked To Strong Sex Drive

4. Live Music. Skip the eating all together (or grab a slice on the way) and take in some live music. Classical, rock, jazz—see something you normally might not check out, and make out in public, because, after all, it's Valentine's Day. The Ultimate Bedroom Playlist

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