Chris Brown Forbidden To Meet UK Singer

Chris Brown

Alexandra Burke will not be meeting her American idol, Chris Brown, for some time.

According to Digital Spy, Chris Brown is prohibited from seeing UK pop star Alexandra Burke. More accurately, it's reported that he's not allowed to spend time her. Even more accurately, a certain someone does not want Chris Brown to hang out with Alexandra Burke lest he have sex or outercourse with her.

Who in their right mind would tell a grown man whom he can and cannot spend time with? That sounds like the kind of proclamation that only a wifey would have the temerity to make. Any other woman would likely say, "Fine. You can hang out with whoever [sic] you want. You do what makes you happy, Chris Brown. You always do." But Chris Brown doesn’t have a wife, does he?

We'd heard that he and best friend / not girlfriend Rihanna liked wilding out, hanging out and sometimes making out but they're just friends, right? We mean, sometimes friends listen to "Endless Love" in the dark, but friends don't tell friends whom they're allowed to meet, do they? Chris Brown and Rihanna are just friends, right?

At any rate, this whole snarl began when Alexandra Burke (winner of X Factor, an American Idol-esque talent show) arranged, through her label, to meet Chris Brown after one of his shows in the UK. She'd mentioned several times on TV that she found Chris Brown to be awesome and that she maybe fancied a snog with him (Englishman speak for "would like to kiss").

Word got back to someone or another and young Ms. Burke was forbidden from meeting Chris Brown after the show. Her attempts to attend the after party were rebuffed and her spirits turned inside out. No word on if she even tried to hit the after after party.

For his part, Chris Brown just had the realization that things there is such thing as the "law of unintended consequences." Luckily, even with lots of money, there's not much chance that he’ll live more than 125 – 150 years. That's not that long, right? He could probably do 100 standing on his head.

For the record, Alexandra Burke is not part of Girls Aloud and we really have no idea what who they are or what they sing, but sort of wish that she was in that band, it would explain a lot. On a high note, it's been said that 50 Cent would like Alexandra Burke to appear in 1 of his videos. So she's got that going for her.

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