Are You An Equal Opportunity Dater?

Are You An Equal Opportunity Dater?

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Name: shary | Location: Washington , DC |Question: I
have always being attracted to Caucasian  men,  considering I? a black female it
makes it harder for me to approach them or strike a conversation. My
question is which would be the best places for me to hang out to increase my
chances of meeting one, and are there any social gatherings for people with this
interest in DC.|Age: 25

don't know of specific organizations that cater to bi-racial dating. I
do know certain speeddating events that offer Ethnicity X Female/White
Male events. I rarely see any Ethnicity X Male/White Female Events. For
some reason, the white male is "the get."

When I used to
organize speeddating events for another company, I never liked the idea
of planning these types of events. I felt it was feeding in to a
fetish. I mean, I'm sorry, but there just felt something skeevy to me
about hosting an Asian Female/Caucasian Male event. And I was always
unsettled by men and women who who "only" dated men/women of a specific
ethnicity other than their own. To some degree there seemed to be a
level of stereotyping going on with that.

There's also quiet a
bit of controversy amongst each individual race/ethnicity when it comes
to dating outside that specific ethnicity. Many feel betrayed if
someone chooses to date someone else outside of their race. But, again,
my knowledge of this is limited and am anxious to hear what others who
have experienced this have to say. My niece and nephew are bi-racial
and I do wonder about when they get older and begin to date. Will they
only date white men and women because that's what they are surrounded
by? Is who we are attracted to based on our environment and what we

I'm also intrigued by this idea that people who don't
date outside of their race are deemed racist. Is being attracted to a
specific ethnicity racist?

I wonder if some women (caucasian and
non-caucasian) who will only date caucasian men do so because they
attach some level of status or accomplishment to such relationships. I
don't find anything about the caucasian male that stands out or is
"better." But then, I'm whitey white girl who grew up in a white town
and have only dated white guys. So, of course I'm not going to find
anything exotic or unique about them because I see them all the
time.Plus, I've dated so many and seen/met some many that are less than
stellar that I just don't get the appeal. But again. I'm white and I
was born and raised here, so my understanding an experience is limited
to my narrow little world view.

Here's what I think: I think
white men are bigger Equal Opportunity Daters than white women.
Meaning, white men are more open to dating women of other ethnicities
than white women are. But that's just my opinion and certainly not
fact. So, if you are attracted to caucasian men, I don't think you need
to go to events specifically targeted events. I think you'd have the
same success rate at any open/multi-racial event than you would a
targeted social opportunity.

Read our daily advice column and join the conversation about this column here

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