Don't Settle For Pleasure-less Sex

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Make every sexual situation a pleasurable one with orgasm tips from a sexpert.

You've huffed. You've puffed. And dammit, you still can't get yourself off.

Well, screw that—literally. If an orgasm is proving to be too elusive for your liking, it might be time to buckle down, call in sick, turn off the phone, and try your hand (or vibrator) at these "Big O" tips provided by Clare Cavanah, sex educator and co-founder of adult toy shop (link NSFW).

Ladies, start your engines...

Getting in the Zone
With women, an orgasm often hinges on what's going on in our heads. Of course, what gets one woman into that preferred mental space may not work for another gal, so it's best to figure out what you need to feel your sexiest. Lemondrop: Women Feel Sexiest at Age 34

"Knowing what turns you on and keeps you turned on helps a lot," Cavanah says. "A good fantasy can play into what's happening in reality. Sexy talk, even just talking about what you are doing, can add a layer of hotness."

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Written by Erin Donnelly for Lemondrop.