Brangelina Going For Baby #7?


Angelina's skimping on birth control, leaving things in the hands of the baby gods.

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is going to be getting pregnant soon, if she can manage to get her birth-control skipping ways to work out for her. Life & Style claims that Angelina probably won't be going the adoption route this time around, contrary to previous reports.

It's quite possible that Life & Style is making everything up, but it sounds believable regardless. The mag says that they noticed some PDAs from the couple recently, and started to look for a source to give them insider info on why the two are being so affectionate in public.

As Life & Style said, "everyone at the star-studded UNICEF ball knew something was up." It must have been easy trying to find someone who was willing to talk, then!

"Angelina decided about four months ago that she really wanted to try to get pregnant again," an insider told Life & Style. "She basically told Brad that if it happens, it happens and that she wasn't going to concern herself with birth control. Angie's most at peace when a baby is coming."

They also reminded us that Angelina said in a recent interview that she could see more additions to their clan. Maybe the time is now!

Do you think that Angie and Brad could be trying for another? I'd love to see Angelina get some meat on her bones, so I am all for it.

Written by Meieli Sawyer Detoni for LimeLife:

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