Michael Lohan Arrested Over A Phone Call


Michael Lohan lives down to our expectations by violating a restraining order.

Le sigh. Talk about love gone wrong. Once upon a time, Michael Lohan and Erin Muller were sweethearts. But when Muller tried to break things off this past March, Lohan allegedly threatened to kill both her and himself. (Someone doesn't know how to handle rejection.) Because of this incident, Muller filed a retraining order, which forbade Lohan from "trying to communicate by phone."

Apparently, he couldn't restrain himself any longer (har de har har) because, this past Monday, he was arrested in Medford, Long Island and charged with criminal contempt after placing a call to his ex.

This arrest is just another black mark on Lohan's record, as he was jailed back in the '80s for stock fraud, and it makes us wonder what, exactly, was so important that he had to risk arrest in order to contact Muller.

Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly), Lohan is denying the rumors of his arrest. On his Twitter feed, he insists, "I was NOT arrested. The truth shall prevail, IT ALWAYS DOES!! I have audio tapes to back up my claims...Erin is out for $ lawyers are ... looking into the websites posting this FALSE information and Erins [sic] bogus claims." (An aside: Does this guy tape all his phone calls?)

To be completely fair, we always take all celebrity rumors with a grain of salt, but it when it comes to trusting either MiLo or the media, it's sort of a toss-up.

Also: Lindsay apparently learned all her worst love habits from her father. As much as she claims to detest both him and his behavior, Lohan & Lohan are two peas in a pod.