Top 10 Sexiest Male Stars Of 2009

sexiest men of 2009

These men kept us glued to our screens all year long.

2009 was a blockbuster year, especially in terms of big-screen eye candy. Especially with movies like Star Trek and Inglourious Basterds in theaters, which boasted all-star, sexy casts. It's tough to choose the 10 who had our hearts fluttering the most, but we did it (whew!). Below, the top 10 guys who had us glued to the screen all year long.
1) Hugh Jackman

X-Men Origins: Wolverine may have skimped on the plot, but we barely noticed. We were just thrilled to have a movie completely dedicated to Hugh Jackman, bulging biceps, extreme sideburns, snarling ferocity and all. Jackman's humanitarian work made our hearts melt as well. Most recently, he donated coveted items, like the chance to hang with him on-set, for an upcoming auction benefiting youth.
2) Johnny Depp

Beloved by us since his 21 Jumpstreet days, this year Depp lent his looks and talent to the quirky The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and the more widely seen Public Enemies. In the latter, he played a big-time criminal in his role as notorious gangster John Dillinger. But the fact that he's stolen our hearts? We won't press charges. Johnny Depp Sexiest Man Alive. Pope Still Catholic
3) Rafael Nadal

We could almost list this as "Rafael Nadal's muscles," but that'd be objectification. Plus, there's much more to this Spanish tennis star than his ripped frame. While injury kept "Rafa" out of many of the year's Grand Slams, his fierce skills and competitive nature will no doubt have us cheering again in 2010.
4) LeBron James

This 25-year-old phenom is both a fine physical specimen (stats: 6'8", 250 lbs) and one of the best basketball players of all time, but he's also got a good heart, which was on display in the 2009 film More Than A Game. Early success could have spoiled him, but James seems to have hung onto his sanity, making him more than a baller to us. Life As An Olympic Couple
5) Jay-Z

Beyonce's husband is one helluva business man, which means he's got a fine brain inside that fine cranium. We love that the couple keeps their relationship out of the tabloids; we can only guess at the excellence of their private life together. We'd date him any day, though we'd never steal him away from Bey.