Jennifer Garner Talks Babies And Working With Ben

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Jen dishes about Ben Affleck and their kids.

Jennifer Garner is on the cover of the January issue of W magazine, and in an extensive interview she talks about her home life, how she and husband Ben Affleck decided to start a family, and why she won't be working with Ben again any time soon. "We were together a year, and we just started breeding," she told the magazine. "We were like, 'Let's have a baby!' And eight days later..." Yeah, that sounds like a very fine way to have Ben Affleck's babies. Brava, Ms. Garner.

Jen says that although she costarred with her husband in 2001's Pearl Harbor and 2003's Daredevil, and they got together when he shot a cameo in her atrocious 2005 superhero movie Elektra (lucky for him—he was cut from the final film), she wouldn't want to work with him again, even though he's getting raves as a director. "I think he's brilliant at what he does, but why rock the boat?" Jennifer says. "It works between us pretty well the way it is. I don't know if I want to go to work with him. I'd be like, 'Okay already, you got the shot. Let's go home!'" Could You Live and Work Together?

The W article doesn't touch on the rumors from September that Ben was getting a little too close to Blake Lively while they were shooting The Town in Boston (Ben directed and starred). In Touch and Star reported that Ben was "acting like a lovesick teenager" after filming scenes with Blake, who played his ex-girlfriend, which, if you've ever been on a film set, is kind of ludicrous. He's supposed to be running the whole show and he's playing MASH with his script pages? Sure. (Also, Ben, dear heart, stop casting 22-year-olds as your ex-girlfriends. Did you take her to the prom? You're 37 and that's just creepy.)

Is it clear just how adorable we think the Garnflecks are? Well, we do. We love them. We'd like to have them over for cocktails and talk about who's really mean in Hollywood. Matt Damon could come over, too, and bring his pretty wife. That would be fun. Top 10 Best And Worst Celeb Couples Right Now

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