Ron Livingston: 'I'm Not Gay!'


Actor Ron Livingston (Sex and the City's Berger) has filed a libel lawsuit against an anonymous Wikipedia author who keeps changing Livingston's page to say that he's in a same-sex relationship with "Lee Dennison." Evidently, this person really has it in for Livingston (or maybe the mysterious Lee Dennison) because every time Ron's reps change the information to correctly state that he's married to actress Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married), the very bored hacker changes it right back. And apparently, this person has also made fake Facebook profiles for both Ron and Lee to reflect their "relationship" status.

We're kind of surprised that a guy best known for his starring role in the classic cult comedy, Office Space, doesn't have a better sense of humor about this whole thing. While it's no doubt annoying to have to deal with an obsessed rumor monger, a lawsuit seems a bit over the top. As Celebitchy suggests, "Why didn’t Livingston just ask Wikipedia to lock his entry to unregistered users?" And as for the Facebook pages, aren't most celebrity pages either fake or just run by a fan club member? Does anyone really accept them as fonts of celebrity knowledge? Facebook Manners And You

Since courts no longer consider being called gay slanderous, Queerty says that, "Despite what Tom Cruise wants, allowing gay rumors to qualify as libel is akin to saying being gay is somehow ruinous." Good point. Livingston isn't exactly going to make any gay friends with this lawsuit. And the irony is that his desperate attempts to have his Wiki page wiped clean of any gay references will actually ensure that his name and "gay" are forever linked! Queerty explains:

Most stupidly, by filing a lawsuit, Livingston just guaranteed that his Wikipedia page will, soon enough, permanently include the rumors of his gayness because it will note that he filed a lawsuit to stop them, and that is an irrefutable fact, which Wikipedia's independent editors will no doubt seek to include from here unto eternity.

Oh, Berger. Couldn't you just slap an "I'm not gay" Post-it note up on your Wiki page and call it a day?

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