Hulk Hogan Wants His Toilet Seat Back From His Ex

hulk hogan and linda hogan

It looks like Linda Hogan may have taken liberties with her divorce settlement.

Just when we thought we'd heard the last of the Hulk Hogan divorce. We thought everyone had moved on. Linda Hogan was dating some guy her son's age and the Hulkster was dating one of his daughter's friends who sort of resembled said daughter (The Blemish says he's now engaged to Jennifer McDonald ). The son is out of the slammer and the daughter, Brooke Hogan, is wearing skimpy outfits and singing pop music for muscular, tall, blonde people. All around, pretty classy. But all is not fit and fiddle for the first family of rasslin'. Read: Hulk Hogan's Divorce Days And Suicidal Thoughts

According to PopCrunch, Linda Hogan really did a number on the home of Hulk Hogan (nee Terry Bollea). According to the Hulkomaniac, his ex-wife lost their marital home as part of the divorce settlement but that did not stop her from making money of off the house. That's right, she is one of those who took the legalese quite literally, while she was not awarded the home, she didn't mind helping herself to everything inside (sort of the "I'm not touching you" school of divorce). The story goes that she took the chandeliers, a tanning bed and an antique wooden toilet seat. The pilfering of the toilet seat was particularly galling to the many-time heavy weight champion of the world: you do not mess with a man's morning glory. Read: Hulk Divorce Focuses On Condo

Thunderlips is not taking this lying down. The removal of all of these fixtures, he says, is decreasing the resale value of the house (and you'd guess that the tanning bed thing would increase his trips out of the house by 2-3 per day). Thus he is suing Linda Hogan for the return of those items or equivalent cash value. And the War Of The Poses is back on. God help us. Read: 5 Couples Destroyed By Reality TV

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Photos via Bauer-Griffin