Wife Of Tiger Woods Finds That Marriage Pays

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Tiger Woods is allegedly paying his wife to stay with him.

Throughout the week, we've been reporting on the news of Tiger Woods's apparently multiple extramarital affairs, biting our fingernails over what might happen next. Would the rumors be pushed under the rug? Would wife Elin Nordegren leave Woods? Would the transgressions just keep on coming?

Well, it appears that marriage is more lucrative than we thought. The Daily Beast reports that Woods is allegedly paying Nordegren to stay, and the total haul is nothing to sneeze at.

Back in October 2004, when Woods and Nordegren first married, they signed a prenuptial agreement that was reportedly worth $20 million as long as the partnership lasted 10 years. Now that news of Woods's multiple affairs have come to light, he has allegedly offered Nordegren $5 million if she agrees to stay, and has plans to revise the original prenuptial agreement so that she receives up to an additional $55 million. This adds up to about $80 million dollars in all if she sticks around another seven years!

But Nordegren has to do more than just stay put in order to receive her payout. She also has to show up with him at social engagements, act the dutiful, perfect wife, and sign a nondisclosure agreement that ensures she'll never tell her story.

So, would it be worth it to you? As tempting as $80 million is (we could buy so many pretty dresses with that!), wouldn't things just be...awkward?

Apparently, Woods and Nordegren are receiving in-house counseling, and the counselor has been conducting several sessions a day. Intense. We still wonder what a marriage-turned-business transaction would feel like.