Russell Brand Meets Katy Perry's Parents

Katy Perry Russell Brand

And they didn't attempt to perform an exorcism!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have only been dating since September, but apparently that was enough time that Katy wanted to introduce Russell to her parents. Katy's mom and dad, remember, are evangelical Christian pastors, and their daughter now sings about faking lesbianism to impress guys and texts pictures of her boobs to unkempt Englishmen, and her boyfriend is a recovering drug and sex addict. But we hear that they loved him!

Unfortunately, Katy didn't decide to recreate any number of awesomely traumatic Thanksgiving stories by bringing Russ home to Santa Barbara. Instead, the whole Hudson (that's Katy's real last name) family, including dad Keith, mom Mary, older sister Angela, and younger brother David, is in Austria vacationing with Russell and Katy, who performed at the Ischgl resort's season-opening concert. Katy Perry And Russell Brand Moving In Together?

Although Katy's mom has expressed disapproval of her daughter's career in the past, the Hudsons reportedly approved of her taste in manfriends. Katy's dad gave Russell a copy of his book, The Cry, which is about strengthening faith in God, and Russell reciprocated with a copy of his uproarious autobiography, My Booky Wook. Which is all about sex, drugs, dressing up like Osama Bin Laden on Sept. 12, 2001, rehab, more sex, and Essex. Keith and Mary, though, did not run screaming for a pitcher of holy water to throw on Russell.

"There are parts of Russell's book where he's really hungry for positive influences in his life," Mary said. "I think the two of them are hungry. They are basically seeking the truth from God—and they are going to find it."

Keith added, "Russell's really got a hunger for the supernatural. He's got a real spiritual hunger. Russell really likes us because he has a whole new different concept on Christianity now that he has met us."

Well, that's quite nice, isn't it? We have to admit we're impressed that Brand-Perry has lasted this long. We saw this relationship flaming out around Columbus Day in an orgy of tears and broken crockery and naked ladies. But good for them, making it work. We hope they have a really enormous, tacky wedding.

Via The New York Daily News and Hello. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.