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HIV is a downside to love that's more dangerous than a broken heart.

In honor of World AIDS Day, we've pulled together some of our content on HIV/AIDS. For more information on World AIDS Day and working towards a cure, check out the World AIDS Day website. Stay informed and stay protected.

When Sex Is A Weapon: Surviving Date Rape
She never thought she'd consider herself lucky, until she learned about her rapist's death.

Using Hitler To Ensure Safe Sex
What's the connection between the Third Reich's leader and AIDS?

Oral Sex The Key To HIV Antibodies?
A study has a new theory for generating antibodies for the AIDS virus.

HIV Older Than Once Thought
The immunodeficiency virus dates back to 1900.

Man Jailed For HIV Transmission
The punishment might not fit the crime.

A Cure For HIV-AIDS?
A bone marrow recipient in Germany gives doctors hope for a cure.

Protection From AIDS...Without A Condom
A vaginal gel might serve as a molecular condom for women in AIDS-affected countries.

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