3 Handy Love Lessons From TV's 'Old Christine'

the new adventures of old christine
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Christine's quirky dating patterns offers sound advice from 'The New Adventures of Old Christine.'

We'd have to guess that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, like most of her former castmates, probably feared Seinfeld syndrome. You know, where you can't shake your Seinfeld character (mainly because 90 percent of it was your own personality). Now hear this: Elaine has officially left the building.

Who's taken her place? On Louis-Dreyfus' newest comedy, it's Christine Campbell, the divorced single mom who's attempting to reclaim some sort of dating life despite a slew of midlife idiosyncracies and personality "defects." She puts it all out there; there's never any shame in her honesty in The New Adventures of Old Christine.

And we have to say, it's worth watching. Louis-Dreyfus has done such an amazing job ushering Elaine out, we nearly forgot all about her Seinfeld days. After watching an episode, you'd probably steer clear of any pointers Christine has to offer. She's a disaster. Shockingly, though, she offers a few valuable lessons along the way.

Keep your ex in your life. If possible. Christine is the star of the show, but much of her interaction involves her ex, Richard. Despite a decade-long marriage and subsequent divorce, the two see each frequently. And not just because they share a son. They have a somewhat-combative relationship, but a necessary (if not solid) one. They depend on one another as friends, and have possibly learned that they are better off friends than marriage partners. (The reason for the show's title: Her ex is engaged to a woman named Christine well, so she is now refered to as "old Christine." Nice, huh?) Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Never let said ex set you up on a blind date. While she does depend on Richard for everyday life, Christine makes the mistake of allowing Richard to set her up on blind date. Who does he choose? A verging-on-gay friend of his that Christine previously dated (once) but dropped for lack of chemistry. C'mon, Richard! That's not right. Blind Dates For Beginners

Never settle for companionship over genuine attraction. After bombing in the relationship department one too many times, Christine agrees to date said verging-on-gay man. She chooses companionship over attraction. For one episode. She can't hack it. After she almost forces herself to have sex with him (and he gets grossed out and leaves), she realizes that a warm body isn't enough to make a great twosome. UK Dating Site Caters To Sexless Relationships

Clearly, Christine and her crew have plenty to offer in the love department (if not in a "what not to do" fashion). Tune in Wednesdays at 8pm EST to see the love-challenged in action.

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