4 'Girly' Trends Men Should Embrace

men girly habit

These habits don't deduct manly points in our eyes, we promise.

We at YourTango understand that for the average man of a manly disposition, maintaining that macho image can be paramount. Pink polos are one thing, but carry your girlfriend's purse or get something in your eye during The Notebook and it's like your masculinity license is going to be revoked. Well, to ease the minds and prides of males everywhere, here are four trends and habits that may look effeminate at face value, but really do no damage to you in the eyes of the fairer sex. In some cases, your manliness improves. No comment on murses, however. The Retrosexual: Manly Men Return

1. Man-gagement rings. A recent Details magazine article muses on a new trend of engagement rings being presented by fiancées as a complement to their own pre-wedding bling. British designer H. Samuel first introduced the 'man'-gagement ring two years ago, and we see it as just another sign of our gender-bending times. Women would like to mark their territory with a metaphorical "S.O. parking only" sign, too. For the most part, the men interviewed for Details are pretty down with it. Who Invented Engagement Rings, Anyway?

2. Fruity cocktails. There are a lot of conventions in this society that unjustly favor men. But in the realm of cocktails, women are uniquely liberated. We don't have to worry about how we look sipping a cosmopolitan from an delicate glass or swirling a single malt scotch on the rocks. In this vein, we think a man can drink a Pina Colada without judgment. What A Man's Favorite Beer Says About Him

3. Bromance. If there is one takeaway lesson from Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's movie I Love You, Man, it is that having a healthy bromance can actually improve your love life. Just like how having a work-out partner has been shown to motivate people who otherwise are tempted to slack off, having a close buddy willing to hit the bar/nightclub/poetry-reading scene with you will get you out of your apartment and into exploring new things before you can say "Totes, McGoats."

4. Manscaping. Crudely put, if you expect us to mow the lawn, trimming the bushes isn't unmanly—it's only fair. Manscaping, er, more specifically, the judicious elimination of unsightly (or all) hair south of the equator, is gaining in popularity. Just as for women, the trend has its roots in pornography. Without pubic hair, genitals appear larger and some say sex is heightened by the lack of friction. A bigger package and better sex? It looks like a little personal grooming could be the manliest move you make.  Baby Got Back…Hair? Time to Manscape!