Sarah Michelle Gellar Explains Away Her Baby Delay

sarah michelle gellar and freddie prinze

The actress is glad she and Freddie Prinze waited to have their first kid.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have been together for ten years but only had a baby this year. Evidently, it was by design. Per an interview with People the former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star couldn't be happier with the way things have panned out as they gave birth to a Charlotte Grace Prinze in September of this year. Read: Sarah Michelle Gellar And Freddie Prinze Parents!

Specifically, she didn't feel she and, by extension, husband Freddie Prinze didn't know enough about themselves to effectively get pregnant and parent/ child-rear. She goes on to mention that she finds various questions pertaining to the stereotypical relationship progression sequence, ie if you're dating when are you going to be exclusive, if you're an item when are you going to get engaged, if you're engaged when are you going to get married, if you're married when are you going to have kids and if you have kids when are you going to die? (Note: We may have extrapolated here and there.)

SMG and, by extension, FPJ like to go at their own pace. While most of us would probably have followed up the Scooby-Doo sequel with a third film but the Gellar-Prinzes had other plans including television (Freddie and 24) and pee-your-pants scary movies (The Grudge series and The Return).

Though they continue to stay engaged in the Hollywood world (gotta make a living), they do seem to have a mildly different take. Specifically, Sarah Michelle Gellar mentioned once that she isn't 100% comfortable with the entertainment industry as celebrity machine and actually took the atypical step of changing her last name to match her husband's. Read: Sarah Michelle Gellar Now Sarah Michelle Prinze

Nice work not being bullied into babies, SMG.

Photos via Bauer-Griffin