5 Road Rules That Apply To Love


Love lessons that are learned on the road—quite literally. Tips for being a good driver and lover.

A relationship, much like rush-hour traffic on a Friday evening, requires large amounts of patience, determination and smart maneuvering. Some of us were born good drivers, others manage by the skin of our bumpers. For those of us in need of a defensive driving course or two, here are five pieces of advice for the road that work just as well as on Lovers' Lane. 5 Simple Signs Your Relationship Needs A Tune-Up

1. Venting doesn't really achieve anything other than a hoarse voice. It is a big misconception that venting one's anger reduces it. According to an American Psychological Association study, the rush of adrenaline that comes from venting, whether verbally or physically, actually makes a person want to get more angry. Over time, one may form a habit of skipping straight to kvetching during an argument (or screaming at other drivers for minor infractions), at which point your S.O. is like the driver in the offending car—he/she sees you screaming but doesn't hear a single word you're saying. How To Talk So He Will Listen

2. Use your blinkers. Sending appropriate and timely signals is a major facet of a healthy relationship. After all, you can't expect your significant other to read your mind just as you shouldn't expect other drivers around you to magically know when you're going to change lanes. Not being upfront with your intentions can be dangerous in both driving and relationships.

3. Be Assertive. B-E Assertive! Just like when you are trying to decide whether or not to make that turn in front of an oncoming car, and in the time you think it through, it's already too late—you never know what golden relationship opportunities you'll miss because you are too wrapped up in indecision. Take control of the situation and don't let doubt strand you at the stop sign.

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