Malaysian Gov. Says Polygamy Can Help Single Moms

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A politician wants government officials to marry single moms.

Good news, for all the single mamas in Kelantan, Malaysia: a state representative wants local legislators and magistrates to marry you. According to Reuters, the chairwoman of the state's family and health committee thinks that dudes with good, stable jobs should up their "quota" for wives. "Quota" meaning the number of wives these stable dudes are cool with having. Read: Single-Mother Births Soaring

This problem, that requires polygamy as a solution, is that there are way too many unmarried, single mothers in Kelantan, specifically, and Malaysia, generally. As you likely know, Malaysia is a largely Muslim nation (55% of its 28 million residents). And the dude-portion of that 16 million-odd people is permitted to have multiple wives. Read: Married People Have Greener Grass

Life is not easy for a single mother, I've heard. Dating is a pain, making ends meet is a pain, providing a good masculine influence for both son and daughter is a pain and having Dan Quayle all over your ass is an even bigger pain. But the government doesn't want just any old Muslim dudes to take these ladies off the public dole*. They want guys who have solid government jobs and presumably some level of accountability. Read: Man Told To Divorce 82 Of His Wives

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