Is Kate Hudson Winning The World Series?

Kate Hudson Alex Rodriguez world series

A-Rod's great performance credited to Kate, mythological creatures.

Euphoric Yankees fans are attributing Alex Rodriguez's strong performance in the postseason to his apparent happiness with girlfriend Kate Hudson. A-Rod, making his first World Series appearance in his sixteenth season in the major leagues, is batting .348 with 12 runs in the postseason and the Yankees are up three games to one on the Phillies. In years past Alex has notoriously under-performed in division and league championship series, but now observers are saying his clutch hitting is all due to Kate.

"There were so many distractions in Alex Rodriguez's life before this year, but he's got a good woman with him now in Kate, and I think that has sparked his huge postseason," former Yankees ace David Wells wrote in today's New York Post. "She's just supportive of him, and that empowers him with an 'I don't give a damn' attitude. Alex needed a little attitude adjustment, and that's what he has done. He got a little attitude adjustment and doesn't care what people think of him." 9 Lefties We'd Date On National Left Handers Day

We can only assume that Alex doesn't care what people think of him, as an ex-girlfriend revealed over the weekend that he has not one, but two paintings of himself as a centaur in his bedroom. Yes. A centaur. As in top half dude, bottom half horse. We're not particularly surprised to learn this about the legendarily into himself A-Rod (he gave himself the nickname A-Rod, for crying out loud), but we are a little surprised that Stephenie Meyer didn't think of a way to monetize the centaur fetishists out there. It's logical, right? Sparkly emo centaurs: The next fiction frontier? 3 Ways To "Size" A Man Up

The Yankees are at Philadelphia tonight for what could be the last game in the World Series. Alex's decisive ninth-inning hit last night helped put the Yankees in a situation that's very ugly for Phillies fans, but probably has Kate's—and millions of Yankee fans'—motor running. Ooh. Centaur.

Via The New York Post. Photos courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.