Love Lessons From The White House

barack and michelle obama
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The Obama marriage operates on four healthy relationship policies.

The New York Times Magazine recently sat down with the Obamas to discuss the State of the Union—the union between Michelle and Barack that is. In this extensive interview with the president and the first lady, writer Jodi Kantor tries to capture the strengths and weakness of the "first marriage." And regardless of which side of the political spectrum you fall on, we believe the Obamas have got a couple of timeless, bi-partisan policies when it comes to keeping a relationship healthy.  4 Obama-Inspired Date Ideas

1. Personalize Your Nicknames. Barack likes to call Michelle, "Flotus," short for First Lady of The United States. Compared to that, "honey," "baby" and "pookie" feel a little too generic don't you think? Nicknames, when personalized to reflect something unique about your S.O., can be an endearing note to your everyday dialogue. Nicknames Make Relationships Strong

2. Be Involved In Your S.O.'s Career. Back when Barack was campaigning for a Senate seat in Illinois, Michelle threw much of her time into helping her husband campaign. "Michelle sometimes took on the role of enforcer. If a volunteer promised to gather 300 petition signatures, "299 did not work because 300 was the goal," says Anne Harwell, Obama's campaign manager at the time. "You met the wrath of Michelle." And while we may not advocate becoming wholly immersed in the career of your S.O., showing a little investment or curiousity in each other's day jobs (instead of the resentment that plagues some couples) can go a long way. It shows that you care about each other's goals and professional dreams.

3. A Little PDA Never Hurt Anyone. "Friends who visit the White House describe occasionally turning corners to find the first couple mid-embrace. They also seem unusually willing, for a presidential couple, to kiss, touch and flirt in public." PDA, when tastefully discreet (no more make-out sessions on the public subway!) like the Obamas' can be healthy day-to-day routine for a couple in a lull. Even just holding hands can small, but powerful, reminder that you're there for one another. 4 Political Summer Sex Scandals We'll Never Forget

4. Ultimately, Don't Let Careers Get In The Way. Much of Kantor's article focuses on how all the campaigning pre-presidency and Barack's stressful current schedule may strain the Obamas' marriage. Michelle's responses get straight to the point: "The strengths and challenges of our marriage don't change because we move to a different address," the first lady said. "The equality of any partnership is measured over the scope of the marriage. It's not just four years or eight years or two. We're going to be married for a very long time."