Lindsay Lohan's Lovelorn Twitter Tantrum

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

LiLo blames her broken heart on Samantha Ronson's relatives, disregards own crazy conduct.

The neverending saga of LiLo and SamRo may be over for good, with the Ronson family putting the final nail in the dysfunctional relationship's coffin. However, if we've learned anything from horror stories, it's to never assume that the monster is really dead.

Despite the couple's complicated history and Lindsay's own reportedly erratic behavior, the Mean Girls star recently accused the Ronsons of being the mean ones, claiming that they have forbidden Sam from contacting her. On Tuesday, Lindsay tweeted, "@samantharonson deson’t [sic] respond 2me b/c her fmaily [sic] will cut her off if she contacts me…They control the one I love&im incapable of making...Any sort of difference. I’m in love with her, as she is in love with me…but her loved ones-hate her brilliance&resent her happiness." [sic]

So, is their love story a tragic modern-day Juliet and Juliet, or is it just plain tragic?

To get to the bottom of her relationship woes, Lindsay might want to stop pointing the finger at Sam's family and take a closer look at the four pointing back at her.

Just last month, Lindsay caused trouble when she tried to attend Sam’s sister Charlotte’s New York Fashion Week show, from which she was expressly banned. And that wasn't the first time that LiLo tried to crash a Ronson family event—in fact, Sam's sis and mom were rumored to have been considering filing a restraining order against the actress as far back as April. 12 Relationship Red Flags

Add to this Lindsay's constant barrage of psychotic tweets and recent reports that she is near “rock bottom,” and you've got a recipe for dating disaster. Samantha may not have been the perfect girlfriend either, but since she's been using her Twitter page to post "songs of the day" and DJ gig announcements (and really anything other than responses to Linz), it seems that she is at least smart enough to back away from the drama and move on with her life sans Lohan. For the time being, anyway.