Russell Brand In Love With Katy Perry?

Russell Brand Katy Perry

When a sex addict meets a girl dressed as a banana . . .

British comedian Russell Brand says he's in love with his latest fling, pop singer Katy Perry, whom he met last year while filming his upcoming movie Get Him to the Greek. "I think I'm in love," Russell told reporters in front of his London home Monday. Good enough for us!

Although they have a kissing scene in Greek, Russell and Katy first hooked up offscreen at the now-infamous MTV Video Music Awards ceremony last month, which he hosted. During the ceremony Russell talked a big show about hitting on Lady Gaga, but it was Katy who caught and kept his eye. The couple was spotted making out at a VMA after-party held at the New York club Avenue, and they escaped for a quick vacation to Thailand later in September. Just recently, Katy spent time with Russell in London before heading to Paris to attend Fashion Week. How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

How's this for romance: After their VMA snog, Russell tried to ignite the flame by sending Katy a love poem and asking for one in return. You know, because he's English, and they like crumpets and poetry. Instead, she took a photo of her rack and sent it back with the word "poem" scribbled across the cleavage. Because she's American and we like boobs. But it looks like that's what works for Russell. According to friends, he's fancied Katy since she filmed a cameo appearance in Greek, which sees Russell reprising his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character, lecherous rock star Aldous Snow. "Katy Perry is lovely," he said when they worked together. "She is the kind of girl who would skip down stairs lightly." To Body Shot or Not

Well isn't that just the sweetest thing you've ever heard. Actually, given all the ugliness in the world, we're quite pleased when famous people just shag each other and then talk about it. No messy breakups, no wailing progeny. Just natural selection in progress. Bravo.

Via The Sun. Photos via Bauer-Griffin.

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