Did Hailey Glassman Get A Boob Job For Jon?

Jon gosselin

Jon Gosselin's lady just went under the knife. Was it for him?

Plastic surgery has been good to Hailey Glassman over the years. The profession allowed her father to provide well for her family growing up. It indirectly led to her introduction to Jon Gosselin (whose estranged wife Kate Gosselin underwent a post-sextuplets tummy tuck courtesy of her dad). And more recently, it's helped her to feel more confident in her abilities to hold onto the D-list love affair she and Jon share. 

And then she got a boob job...

In an exclusive story, Star magazine reveals: "Hailey Glassmen went under the knife for breast surgery on September 16th...in a bid to regain her reality Romeo's wandering eye."

It is not yet known how drastic the augmentation was, which took place at the Natural Images in Plastic Surgery center in Nyack, NY, only that it left her so sore and disoriented that her parents, Lauren and Dr. Lawrence Glassman, had to help hold her up as she walked out of the center.

But will Hailey's increase in cup size really win the devotion of Jon — who's been linked to Star reporter Kate Major, female fans in Reading, PA, and bikini-clad women in Las Vegas in the short time he's been seeing her? 

We're not so sure. And apparently, neither is Hailey. According to Star's sources, Hailey will eventually be following up her boob job with some additional procedures. 

Her friend explains to Star: "She says she wants whiter, bigger teeth so she can have a gorgeous Hollywood smile. She wants [her hair] long, straight and with a wave to look her sexiest for Jon."

Good luck with all that, Hailey. We hope it all works out as well for you as it did for Kate Gosselin.