"The Good Wife" Was Pretty Good

the good wife reivew

A review of "The Good Wife," a new TV drama on CBS.

The Good Wife premiered last night on CBS, and we were finally able to see what all those billboards, magazine and subway ads were all about. Turns out the show isn't half bad.

As advertised, the show is about Alicia Florrick, the wife (Julianna Margulies) of corrupt politician Peter Florrick (Mr. Big… I mean, Chris Noth). The opening scene shows the bad boy admitting his mistakes and apologizing at a press conference. As he finishes his speech his wife reaches for his hand. Afterwards, away from the cameras, she slaps him.

Fast forward six months, and Mr. Corruption is in jail, so his wife needs to support the family. She re-enters the workforce, baggage in tow, with a job as a lawyer at a high-profile law firm. The pilot centered around her efforts to prove that even though she hadn't worked in several years and she was the wife of a disgraced politician, she was still a great lawyer. Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

We won't give away what happens in the episode in case you catch it online or in reruns, but the plot is packed with a juicy momentum that we hope will continue throughout the season.

The acting is great, which isn't a surprise: Julianna Margolis is winsome and Chris Noth is handsome. The husband-wife dynamic is pretty believable—she visits him in prison and they display the understanding and familiarity that comes from years of marriage, with an undercurrent of anger. 16 Reasons To Date A Convict

There were some fairly predictable moments, which could have been done more artfully. For example the question that's on everyone's minds during these scandals is, of course, why do the wives stand by their husbands? The writers addressed this question head-on, when new co-worker flat-out asks Julianna why she didn't leave him. She says she was caught "unprepared."

All in all this was a pretty good show, and we'll be watching it again.

Anyone else catch the show? What did you think?