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The Socialites!!!


So much has been said and so much needs still to be discovered about this European celebrity that lives in Beverly Hills. Sabrina A. Parisi may have everything a woman could dream to have, a rich lifestyle, great looking figure, elegance, intelligence, success and the best men alive that would fell for her. Nevertheless, she does not seem to love to have her life under that much spotlight. She has been compared to so many other celebrities like Paris Hilton and company but she refused the comparison. Recently her TV reality movie “Social-Lights 90210” hit the interest of the audience, Sabrina showed up with her highly quoted champion Yorkshire Terrier on the red carpet in Hollywood. She was dazzling and smiling to the audience. But what exactly people are trying to find out about this very private and unique celebrity? She recently stated: “I am an artist and a very creative person. I am an animal lover and I wish people could see me for what I can create and not for a stereotype that they have created in their mind. Please then, don’t call me Paris!”


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