Jay-Z & Beyonce: Tough Choices On Wedding List

jay-z and beyonce

Even music royalty have to make cuts on the wedding invites.

You know that saying, "Stars are just like us"? Well, it's mostly true, except everything they do is awesome and we sometimes have to do pretty lame stuff. Well, when Jay-Z and Beyonce were narrowing down their wedding invite list, things got pretty mundane but at the same time awesome.

According to Yahoo! OMG (from an interview in O! The Oprah Magazine), Beyonce and Jay-Z were pretty concerned with keeping their whole wedding on the D-low and had to make some sacrifices when it came to the guest list. Loose lips sink ships and whatnot. Jay-Z (born Shawn Carter of Brooklyn, NY) said, "The sad part is that we offended some. But people who love you understand. Because at the end of the day, its your day." It's called brushing dirt off your shoulder, Jay-Z should probably look into it. Read: Beyonce Writes Song About Jay-Z's Junk

It's later said that Gwyneth Paltrow rated high enough on the friendship tree to earn an invite to the reception. That's could be one of many things that makes 50-Cent so damned angry, or it could be getting shot all those times or not being hugged enough.

It's an interesting problem. While most people trim their guest lists in order to keep costs down, famous people sometimes have to keep the list compact to trick the old celebrity media. There's a good chance Star or XXL or somebody would have kidnapped a member of the catering staff and embedded a journalist if they knew what was up. While the wedding photos game is a multi-million dollar racket filled with gangsters, scamps and scallywags, you'd think that a celeb (or Mathew Knowles) could request a truce on this day, the day of his daughter's wedding. Read: Beyonce Finally Speaks About Marriage to Jay-Z

Don't feel too bad for Jay-Z and Beyonce, they do get to be married to Beyonce and Jay-Z, respectively. Of his 99 problems, Beyonce is not one of them and she finally got someone to "put a ring on it" (her finger).

Outside of getting their lazy bridesmaids to please please please get sized for their dresses, any other problems that we civilians share with famous people when it comes to weddings?

Photos via Bauer-Griffin