Breakups For Audrina Patridge & Christina Ricci

christina ricci

Audrina Patridge and Chris, Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin are no more.

Sigh . . . breaking up is always hard to do. We feel for The Hills star Audrina Patridge and actress Christina Ricci. Both gals are mourning the end of their relationships for two very different reasons. So what happened?
Christina has called off her engagement of three months to comedian Owen Benjamin. The pair met on the set of their upcoming movie All's Faire in Love. Besides the fact that Christina stands at 5'1 and Owen is a towering 6'6, no one is quite sure what could have caused any problems for the couple. According to Star magazine, a source revealed that Christina has been dying to get married. "She dated all these flaky guys who were never serious," the source said. And apparently Owen was already talking about what their kids were going to look like. But even with all that going for them, it seems that a fight they had recently led them to reexamine their relationship. The end result was that they decided to break up. Christina's friend reveals that she is staying close friends with Owen and they're still talking every day. So who knows, maybe a reconciliation is in the cards.
But in a truly shocking break-up, Star Trek star Chris Pine is no longer seeing Audrina Patridge. We know, we know—pick your jaws up off the floor. So what happened? Well, Chris kick-started his summer with the amazing success of Star Trek. His career is poised to skyrocket. Audrina, however, is best known for pining over the dim witted "Justin Bobby" on The Hills and walking around in a bikini whenever possible. So reports say that Chris's camp decided that dating a reality star wasn't the best move for his career and forced him to dump her. We're sure they'll both move on to people more on their level . . . and equally hot!
But still, break-ups, forced or not, are never easy to get through. Maybe Audrina and Christina should meet up, go out and be each others wingwomen? Just a thought!