The Sergeant and Daddy-O


The Sergeant and I had a phone conversation tonight, where I asked him about his habit of appearing, sleeping with me, and then disappearing for a few weeks, then re-emerging, sleeping with me, and completely falling off the face of the earth. This time, it took him about a month and a half to claw his way back into the picture.

His reason? I told him that I was falling for him, and yes, he's interested in me, but he doesn't want to date anyone he knows from school. Now, this wasn't out of the clear blue sky. The Sergeant and I have been flirting and speaking and dating, and yes, sleeping with one another, since February. He made all the first moves - he asked me out, he initiated the physical stuff, and I resisted every urge to come on too strongly. I did everything I could to resist falling too fast for him, and I held up until mid-April, when we spent the night together and he held me as we fell asleep.

So, of course, my common sense is calling "BULLS^#T" on everything he's saying... but why the hell do I still want him so badly? When I poured my heart out to him and told him I was falling, I left a voicemail. And he never called me back, he avoided me at all costs at school, and finally, after three weeks, caught up with me in the student lounge and offered a half-hearted apology. By that time I had decided to give him the ice princess routine, and I pulled it off... until this past Monday when he called me while I was out of town with my best friend. He and I talked, and he told me he wants to get to know me better - I explained to him that I never once gave him a "do or die" ultimatum. I never said "be my boyfriend now or never speak to me again." I completely understood if he needed more time - I wasn't expecting him to feel the same. Then he called me tonight and I just hate it... I hate that he can do this to me. That I allow it. I told him that yes, I still like him, and I do want to take things slowly with him, but I deserve someone who isn't going to treat me like their dirty little secret.

This brings us to Daddy-O. He's right down the block from me, maybe a 4 minute drive, tops, and he's got the most adorable son in the world. He's divorced - been divorced for a couple years now. We met at plentyoffish back in December, but I had a lot going on in my life at the time, so we chatted, but never got together. He popped up on my Quiver on OKCupid about a month ago and I decided it was worth a shot. We started messaging again, and I gave him my number again, and the two of us made plans for a real date. Leading up to the date, we were texting or chatting maybe once a day, or once every couple days, and the date was incredible. Meeting him in person was awesome! We went to dinner and then took a walk by the canal in town - they built a park around it so it was perfect for the pink snakeskin pumps I had bought! The weather was perfect for an evening stroll, which ended with an albiet cheesy kiss under the stars. Okay, it was more than a kiss, but he was a perfect gentleman - his hands never wandered (something I appreciate more and more as I get older), and he was a really really good kisser! He dropped me off at my place and it really didn't seem like he never wanted to stop kissing me, but I had a long trip ahead of me Sunday morning so I had to eventually call it a night!

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