Does Rihanna Have A New Man?


Rihanna spotted getting cozy with Canadian rapper, Aubrey "Drake" Graham

Has Rihanna finally declared an end to her drama-filled relationship with Chris Brown?  Sure, there have been rumors of Rihanna flirting with actor Wilmer Valderrama and L.A. Clipper Baron Davis.  Could it be time to add Canadian hip-hop artist and actor Aubrey ''Drake'' Graham to that list?

People magazine is reporting that the couple were spotted in NYC at the Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge last night, openly affectionate and obviously into each other.

"The two of them were stealing kisses here and there the whole night," according to a source. "They were very cute. Both of them were in really good spirits [and] she was having a great time."

Really?  Someone should have told that to Drake who appeared on New York's Hot 97 this morning to deny everything.  Yes, they're friends, he says, but that's all.

The rapper repeatedly shot down questions about any budding relationship between the two after being pressed for more details. "Nah, nah, nah, It's not like that at all," he said."I'm being honest, man. [She's] just a friend that's all."

Hmm . . . maybe People's source had a few too many drinks before they noticed the new pair leaving together.